When in Rome

Rome was a very special place for me. I always wanted to visit because the Roman Empire always excited me as a teen. When I had the opportunity to visit the Colosseum I was in awe! The architecture itself made me feel like I was right there during the actual reigning era. I never knew I would feel so nostalgic being in the presence of such ancient history. Fast forward to the food, I ate so much pizza; every night was a fat fest. The wine was simply delish and walking the streets felt like home for me. The highlight of my trip was sailing the Mediterranean to Capri Island. The water was so blue I could almost see this beautiful face in it! I was able to ride a chair rail to the top of a mountain in Capri where the view was to die for. I can't forget the orange juice, yes, it was good but I couldn't wrap my head around it being more expensive than a beer. Anyway, Rome is one of my favorite places and I can't wait to get back there!

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